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Nicole Michael born in Manhattan, NY and raised in Queens, NY.  Graduated from Notre Dame Preparatory H.S in 2006 . She received a full scholarship to play Division 1 basketball at Syracuse University; where she became the All-Time Leading Scorer (2009-2014, now currently 2nd) and All-Time Leading Rebounder. She is currently playing professionally overseas in Poland ( 3 seasons). She also played in Puerto Rico, Spain ( 2 seasons), Italy, Ukraine, France, Australia, and Africa. 

  •  Nicole thought she was going to be a professional model

  •  Practiced Tennis throughout her childhood years

  •  Started playing basketball at the late age of 15

  •  Became one of the top players class of 2006 in the country ( #40 overall , #12 forward)

  • Highly recruited by numerous division 1 universities all over the country.

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